Sweet Harmony rave at Patchworks

Sweet Harmony rave at Patchworks


Rendezvous Projects and Patchworks, a unique cultural venue in Leyton, are putting on a Sweet Harmony event to celebrate the pirate radio and rave history in the borough.

Saturday 16 October 2021, 4-11pm

For one night only, join us in returning to the rave, in a warehouse setting in the heart of the Waltham Forest. 

Playing a mixture of deep house, acid house, hardcore, jungle, and drum and bass, DJs include:

  • Linden C & Rob Acteson (Mi House Radio, Strictly Rhythm, Hypnosis, Dungeons)
  • Dlux (Déjà Vu FM, Brain Records, Dungeons)
  • Adrian H (Pulse 90.6, Dungeons, Labrynth)
  • Mad B (Friends FM, Dungeons)
  • DJ Connie (Runtings, Centreforce, Dungeons)
  • Original ID (Friends FM, Kool FM, Déjà Vu FM)

1989 – 1994 was a distinct period in music history; at the end of the acid house scene; garage, hardcore, jungle and drum and bass all emerged in quick succession. Waltham Forest played an important role in the development and dissemination of these musical genres, influencing a generation of musicians and young people. The borough’s role in this scene happened because of the diverse cultural mix of the borough, its location and architecture.

All of the DJs playing on the night were integral to the development of the local scene and have gone on to play nationally and internationally.

The weekend will also play host to an exhibition of material collected as part of this research project, including rare hand-painted 90s rave banners and artwork by Walthamstow-based company Bannerama, photographs, flyers and projections from the era and area. Come and be part of the action over the weekend, bring friends and family to see and understand the scene. 

After party TBC



  • The exhibition will be open Friday 15 October and Sunday 17 October, 9am-11pm, and free to all. 

The venue and address

  • Patchworks, 258 Church Road, London E10 7JQ
    Part furniture factory, part creative space. Over time, Patchworks will showcase local artists and makers, providing a platform for creative expression for everyone to enjoy. The team behind Patchworks are pulling out all the stops to bring this new cultural venue to life, currently, in its raw state, mid-development, this is their first major event and the space will hark back to the hidden warehouses and industrial environments of the time. Come be part of the journey – it’s your space.



  • Level access and accessible toilets are available.

Public transport

  • Please use public transport to get to the venue – nearest station Lea Bridge Rail Station, buses #55, #56, #58, #15