Post Patchworks rave

Post Patchworks rave

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The Sweet Harmony rave took place at Patchworks on 16 October 2021, with an exhibition in the space 15 - 17 October.

Rendezvous Projects and Patchworks, a unique cultural venue in Leyton, put on a Sweet Harmony event to celebrate the pirate radio and rave history in the borough.

Playing a mixture of deep house, acid house, hardcore, jungle, and drum and bass, DJs included: Linden C & Rob Acteson (Mi House Radio, Strictly Rhythm, Hypnosis, Dungeons; Dlux (Déjà Vu FM, Brain Records, Dungeons); Adrian H (Pulse 90.6, Dungeons, Labrynth); Mad B (Friends FM, Dungeons); DJ Connie (Runtings, Centreforce, Dungeons and Original ID (Friends FM, Kool FM, Déjà Vu FM)


All of the DJs playing on the night were integral to the development of the local scene and have gone on to play nationally and internationally.


The exhibition included material collected as part of this research project, including rare hand-painted 90s rave banners and artwork by Walthamstow-based company Bannerama, photographs, flyers and projections from the era and area.


Installation shots from the Patchworks exhibition. 


Footage and photographs from the event. 


Thanks to Dlux and Deja Vu FM for recording an uploading the DJs sets. 

DJ Connie

Original ID

Mad B 

Adrian H


Linden C and Rob Acteson