Rave FM

Rave FM

Rave FM was based in Murchison Road, then Oliver Close and later Beaumont Estate; all Leyton. DJs included DJ Rap, Lennie De Ice, Randall, Cool Hand Flex, DJ Vibes, Timmi Magic.

We were voted one of the main pirate stations before the DTI shut us down to make room for Kiss FM.

Lennie De Ice
Beaumont Estate by James Burns, 2006, via Flickr

I met Cool Hand Flex, who them introduced me to the guys at Rave FM. Flex was a really lovely guy and through him I started playing sets on Rave… I don’t really recall much about those early pirate shows, except they were fun, and a true learning experience for me.

DJ Rap
DJ Rap & Jeff B, courtesy of DJ Rap and taken from her book Intelligent Woman