Radio programmes

Radio programmes

Estate in Waltham Forest

As part of Walthamstow Garden Party: In the Air, the Barbican commissioned us to create a short radio programme about the Sweet Harmony project. Using oral history extracts and music from the time, we put together two short programmes. 

Part 1 focusses on the back story – the influence of Jamaican sound system culture in the borough, the influence of soul and jazz-funk events and house parties in the borough. This features MC Navigator, Linden C, Mike Stone, Roy Balfourth, DJ Dlux, Adrian H, Roger the Doctor, Ronnie Herel, Tim Strudwick and DJ Rap. 

Part 2 focusses businesses – the importance of post-war architecture and council estates in the growth of pirate radio and including Dance 93.0FM, Friends 100.7FM and Eruption FM; The Dungeons, Leyton and record shops including In the Mix, Dance Factory and Togetherness in Leytonstone and Record Village in Walthamstow. 

Picture above: view of John Drinkwater Tower from Leytonstone Village, showing the North Star pub, 1980s; courtesy of Vestry House Museum.