Dance 93.0 FM

Dance 93.0 FM

First transmitted in 1989, Dance FM was on air for about two and half years on 93.0 FM. Mike Stone, Reggie Reg, Rodney T, Justin Murray and Leslie Grant all ran the station together. It broadcast from various locations across Walthamstow including Whitebeam Tower, Northwood Tower, Erskine Road and Fleeming Road.

Everyone knew it was a local station done by local people, so it was fantastic going down the market and every shop’s playing the station, and cars passing by playing it – the atmosphere in Walthamstow was great.

Mike Stone
Northwood Tower, Wood Street
Image from Flickr, with thanks

It had a really nice vibe actually because I just remember, you’d have the turntables against a window and it just faced the whole of London. I remember doing the show when it would start to get dark. Them days it was like, you’d give out a phone number and people would either have a pager in the studio, or be calling the studio, so I remember, there used to be like a massive response from people that were actually listening.

Linden C talking about playing in Northwood Tower, Wood Street