Sweet Harmony – Record Fair & Closing Party

Sweet Harmony – Record Fair & Closing Party


A massive thank you to everyone who came to the record fair we put on with Mais Um at Vestry House Museum. It was fantastic to see so many people in the museum, to see lots of people who’d not been in touch for years, and to have such brilliant talent in the room together. We’re very grateful to everyone who made it happen, who came along, supported local businesses and who just shared posts. It all helps and was a lovely celebration. Thanks also to Penny Dampier for the photographs; Patrick Richmond for the decks; Friends FM family for the promotion and Amie McBye for the hard work! 

Record labelsAD 93Apron RecordsBrain Records, Chocolate City, DisciplesLeng RecordsMais UmModified MagicQuayside RecordsSlothBoogieSpacetalkStrut RecordsYellow Machines 

Record dealers selling drum and bass, hip hop, house, garage, jazz, funk, soul, rare groove, reggae: Jake Ferguson (The Brkn Record & The Heliocentrics), Linden C, Patrick Richmond, Roy Balfourth (Friends FM).

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Following that, we threw a closing party at Wild Card Brewery with Jake Ferguson, Patrick Richmond, Roy Balfourth, Adrian H, Slipmatt and Linden C. It was so lovely to have everyone there and celebrate the end of the ‘Sweet Harmony’ exhibition at Vestry House Museum. A really wonderful night. Again, many thanks to all who came.

There will be more news about this project shortly!